Outreach from members of the Ocean Climate lab:


A Tidepool in Time, by Tessa Hill & Eric Simons

Lenfest Ocean Program Webinar featuring our new work!

Tessa Hill is awarded the Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award at UC Davis

The Hill lab student research blog!

Stand Up For Science: The Conversation by Rochman, Hill, Shukla and Williams

Ocean Acidification  


Past climate change: Lessons for the future

Tiny Shells Indicate Big Changes to the Ocean Carbon Cycle

Sea of Troubles, a video by Eric Simons and Jason Jaacks

Teaching Critical Thinking About Climate Change

Smothered Oceans: UC Davis press release


Deep Sea Corals

Changing Seas: Cordell Bank, a National Treasure (features Ph.D. candidate Carina Fish)

Carina Fish Named Nancy Foster Scholar in study of Cordell Bank corals

First photos from the seafloor a mile beneath Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary - Bay Nature

Investigating deep corals with the E/V Nautilus - August 2017

The Deep Sea Holds Secrets, Marine Conservation Institute Blog