See below for selected outreach on a variety of topics, from members of the Hill lab:

Public Outreach / Policy Engagement

Who will show leadership on climate solutions?

Stand Up For Science: The Conversation by Rochman, Hill, Shukla and Williams

The New Sea Around Us: A Forum by the House Natural Resource Committee Democrats

Science and innovation deserve robust funding - OpEd by Hill, Sawyer, Gaylord and Sanford

RTC Rosenberg Institute: Ocean Acidification - How does it impact the California Coast?

How to Combat Fake News Online...

We need to talk (about science), by Tessa Hill


BLogging & profiles

When climate change knocks at your door, what will you say?

The Hill lab student research blog!

Prosaic Mosaic - An effort to normalize diversity in STEM by lab member Priya Shukla

Paleoclimate into Policy - a blog featuring Paleo studies that inform decisions for the future

People Behind the Science Podcast

Follow these Earth Scientists on Twitter (Wired Magazine)

Academic Institutions: Support your local climate scientist

Meet Climate Scientists Tessa Hill & Jessica Hellmann - Joe Palca, NPR

It is possible to be rigorous, analytical, and critical in our investigations of the natural world while still acknowledging a personal response to the serious nature of what we are documenting.
Ocean acidification is a big problem that requires many people investigating it from different points of view. We have a team of faculty, graduate students, researchers, and staff that all work on this together.


Past climate change: Lessons for the future

Sea of Troubles, a video by Eric Simons and Jason Jaacks

Teaching Critical Thinking About Climate Change

Smothered Oceans: UC Davis press release

Ocean Waters are Losing Oxygen, National Geographic

Global Warming Spurs Ocean Methane Release, Scientific American

Global Warming Feedback Loop Caused by Methane, National Geographic


You can think of the ocean as a big
sponge for atmospheric carbon dioxide...