Hill Lab Members

Dr. Tessa Hill, Professor

Dr. Aurora Ricart, Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Dan Swezey, Collaborator, Lead Scientist - The Cultured Abalone Farm

Sarah Merolla, Jr. Specialist (lab manager)

 Hill lab in mid-summer 2017 (R-L: Brady, Tessa, Jonas, Melissa, Lena, Hannah, Priya, Carina, Chelsey)

Hill lab in mid-summer 2017 (R-L: Brady, Tessa, Jonas, Melissa, Lena, Hannah, Priya, Carina, Chelsey)

Melissa Ward, Ph.D. student in UCD/SDSU Joint Doctoral Program

Hannah Palmer, Ph.D. student

Carina Fish, Ph.D. student

Lena Capece, M.S student

Veronica Vreisman, Ph.D. student co advised with Sandy Carlson


Our work is heavily supported by Grant Susner and David Dann, our marine ops experts!


Prospective Students: I am seeking motivated, creative and hardworking students interested in any of our ongoing projects or one of their own design. Please contact me with your interests to learn more.

Former Lab Members


Dr. Annaliese Hettinger, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Catherine Davis, now a Postdoctoral Scholar at University of South Carolina

Dr. Emily Rivest, now Assistant Professor at Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Dr. Sarah Myhre, Founder of the Rowan Institute

Dr. Kristy Kroeker, now Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz

Dr. Seth Miller, now a Lecturer a Univ. of Maryland

Dr. Michele LaVigne, now Assistant Professor at Bowdoin College

Dr. Karen Chan, former Sr. Thesis Student, now Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Brady O'Donnell, M.S., now a Sea Grant Knauss Fellow, Washington D.C.

Jessica Hosfelt, M.S., now at Roux Environmental Consulting

Sarah White, M.S., Current position: Ph.D. student, UC Santa Cruz

Priya Shukla, former Jr. Specialist, now a Ph.D. student at UC Davis

Jordan Young, former Jr. Specialist

Aaron Ninokawa, former Jr. Specialist, now UCD Ph.D. student

Sarah Flores, M.S., Current position: National Science Foundation

R. Bart Critser, M.S., Current position: Consultant at GeoSteering

Chris Myrvold, Ph.D. student, Current position: Andrews Engineering

Crystal Replogle, former Jr. Specialist, Current position: ATEM Labs

Lisa Jacobs, former Jr. Specialist, Current position: Santa Cruz Biotech